Hodders Panama
Pale Ale

A delicious award-winning Golden Pale Ale with distinctive tropical fruit flavours and a lasting grapefruit bitter finish.
4.8% – 25 IBU

Sunken Church
Pale Ale

A delicious golden pale ale with distinctive Mosaic hop flavours and a lasting bitter finish.
4.8% – 25 IBU

Nothing Special
British Ale

A delicious all British ale with distinctive English hop flavours and a lasting bitter finish.
3.9% – 30 IBU

Shooters Hollow
Pale Ale

A light american Simcoe hopped pale ale ale with distinctive citrus fruit fruit flavours.
4.8% – 25 IBU

Raven Forest
Irish Stout

A bold classic Irish Stout with distinctive dark malt flavours and lasting bitter finish
4.4% – 40 IBU

Golden Bear
California Common

Brewed with Pilsner malt & fermented with lager yeast this delicious light California Common lager is refreshing and crisp
4.8% – 30 IBU